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Going for her dreams

Cherisse Francis knows what she wants and she is going after it. She likes talking and arguing and plans to be a lawyer. Having pursed Visual Arts, Sociology, Law, and two units of Environmental Science this year, as well as Caribbean and Communications Studies, she was awarded Grade 1s in most of them. The Exhibition […]

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Just party, ok

by Donna Sealy A provocative, and often times controversial calypso commentator, says the time has come to abandon all calypso competitions. Instead, said Dr. Cleve Scott, who has judged Pic-O-De-Crop competitions in the past, there should be one big party, which he said was what Soca Royale was, with judges. “It is widely established by now […]

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Health care


One of the island’s foremost providers of health insurance is putting its money behind a major initiative aimed at assisting the country and region in coping with the ever-increasing challenges of chronic diseases.

Today, Sagicor and t

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Dig deeper

jones: bajans may have to pay more for acces to education services

Barbadians may have to pay more to benefit from education.

This was indicated this morning by Minister of Education Ronald Jones, as he led the resumption of debate on a resolut

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