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To find available lodging in the calm of an island capital is ideal. For this spot to be part of an internationally-recognized historic site is a bonus. And for this accommodation to be planted along the warm sand of a soothing beach . . . now that is heaven.

Dozens of these guest lodgings are in bloom along the coast road just a short trip from the shopping centre, Bridgetown.

The hotels on this section of the south, as well as numerous guesthouses and beach apartments, spill onto familiar streets such as Hastings main road, home to Savannah Beach hotel and others. Bay Street offers Nautilus Beach Apartments and neighboring sea-side spots which snake the popular Browne’s beach – one of the island’s largest beaches.

Tales of Historic Bridgetown and its Garrison lie in wait at Hilton Barbados, which offers full beachfront views in Needhams Point. It is home of the largest local fort, Charles Fort, which is steeped in British Military history. The British Navy once used this base to ward off malicious foreign attacks and to protect Carlisle Bay.

Originally called Needham’s Fort, the fort’s name was changed in 1660 when King Charles 11 regained the throne, after Charles 1 King of England was beheaded.

This story was originally published in Bridgetown & its Garrison (Map + City Guide)

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