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Like Historic Bridgetown and its Garrison, ‘Bajan Made’ products unveil an enticing heritage. 

United by the Barbados Manufacturers Association, Barbadian manufacturers, producers and world class-chefs craft luxurious tidbits of Barbadian life for all to enjoy. 

Their signature rums, wines, and award winning Banks Beer, offer a taste of Barbados’ legendary role in the history of blending. Their preserves, chocolates and confectionaries feature the aromas of juicy, indigenous fruits and sugar cane.

Healthy alternative products, such as cassava flour, are nutritional treasures. Since colonial times, features such as the island’s exquisite local mahogany and tradition of exceptional craftsmen have been iconic. 

Today, these epicurean delights are even more accessible. 

‘Bajan Made’ sampling at the island’s air and sea ports, immediately allows visitors to indulge in authentic local items. Goods range from hand-crafted clothing, jewelry, pottery and furnishings, to daring foods and beverages. Now available prepackaged, even the experience of Barbados’ national dish, cou-cou, may be relived at your leisure. 

Due to classic packaging, smaller purchases are ideal gift items. And if you’re feeling extravagant, BMA producers will arrange those larger shipments back home. 

Sharing the pleasure of Barbadian manufacturing has never been so simple. 

Where to find: Cave Shepherd on Broad Street, Select stores at Pelican Village on Princess Alice Highway

Call: 426-4474


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