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Shamane’s at Canary Lane

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Shamane’s is vintage Coco Chanel mixed with the Marley’s, in a deep bowl of skilled Barbadian artistry…

Coco Chanel

Stepping inside the store, you immediately feel its old-school vintage aesthetic and chic reinvention of costume jewellery. Hunting for buried treasure is a norm, especially upstairs.  

Even a glimpse through the store window shows an eclectic jewellery selection lining its walls, with finishes ranging from varnish to a potpourri of hand-painted designs. Handcrafted statement pieces arranged to either stand out, or hide behind more everyday jewellery selections.  Raw materials are local recyclables, including coconut shells, local woods, beach derived natural glass resins, and fish scales. 

Yes, there are coffee table bowls made by a lattice of fish-scales.  A Shamane’s décor exclusive, these stunning bowls of iridescent pearl, sparkling aqua-blue, deep red and pretty pinks embody the blend of technical skill and organic use of colour characterising artisan Carl’s crafts.


The Marley’s

The store is also a supplier of chilled-out brands such as Cooyah, and a selection of rootsy clothing and accessories- including beach essentials for ladies and gents.  Combined with the roots reggae sounds, select all natural/vegan products and a personable staff, the vibe of Shamane’s is definitely irie. 

And, in the hot sun of Bridgetown, the AC is a plus. 


If you’re a designer, stylist, thrift hunter, herbalist or an avid jewellery lover, one trip to Shamane’s in Bridgetown will definitely inspire a few more.

 Run by brothers and craftsmen Carl and Erskine  , the store is located at Number  6 Canary Lane Mall,  along the obscure Hincks Street. 

Did you know?

Fish scale art is testament to the island’s rich history of fishing and maritime environment. There are four main kinds of fish scales and even more variations: Placoid (sharks and rays), Cosmoid (Lungfishes and some fossil fishes), Ganoid (bichirs, Bowfin, paddlefishes, gars, sturgeons) and Cycloid & Ctenoid (most bony fishes).  No matter where you are in the world, your choice of fish scale artwork will tell a unique tale. 

This story was originally published in the 2014 edition of Bridgetown & its Garrison (Map + City Guide)

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